Foundation Certificate in IT -Level 3

Foundation Certificate in IT -Level 3 in Myanmar

The Foundation program is to provide the fundamental knowledge of computer and IT basics to freshly matriculation or IGCSE graduates who wish to pursue their bachelor of science in computing and data science degree. The course aims to provide a conceptual and practical basis for student learning and pre-University foundation year program. 

The assessments provide you with opportunities to diagnose your skills, abilities, academic/occupational background and to give you an early indication of what specific learning practices may help you improve in specific areas of study, starting from student induction period in conjunction with and throughout the entire in-course period of study. There will be frequent opportunities to get feedback both from tutors, peers and via self-assessment, and some assessments will allow for draft submissions to be considered by a tutor or peers to identify aspects in need of development prior to final hand-in.
 The assessments are to be inclusive such that a variety of methods will be used in assessing students to ensure that no particular group of students are advantaged or disadvantaged.
 The methods include portfolios, laboratory practical work, group and individual production projects, individual and group written reports and formal written exams.
 Mini-projects and case studies provide you with real-world problems. You are expected to find solutions to the problems following the process of analysis, technique evaluation, design and syntheses, and solution evaluation.
 These mini- projects and case studies are designed in both group work and individual work fashions to allow you to practice your communication skills and team working skills, and to develop the capability of working individually. They are also design in the way in which you need to connect together different elements taught within a unit and also across different units with helps from the course team who explain to you how individual units make-up of the course.
 Written exams focus on theoretical knowledge and the application of the knowledge to computing and data science.

Students applying for admission to STIMU from within Myanmar are likely to have completed iGCSE, GCE “O” Level, GED, Level 2 First Diploma or the Matriculation examination at the end of their High School education. Minimum entry requirements for the Foundation (Level 3) course are:

  • iGCSE: Grade C / Grade 5 in 5 subjects, including English and Maths

  • GCE “O” Level: pass in all subjects

  • Matriculation examination: Pass, including Maths and Physics with a minimum total of 100 marks

  • GED : Pass all four subjects at least with passing score 145. 

Level 2 First Diploma : Pass all units


Unit Code

Unit Name


BE 1101

Mathematics I


BE 1102



BE 1103



CE 1105

IT Fundamentals


BE 1106



CS 1101

Introduction to Database Systems


CE 1102

Introduction to Programming (C#, Java, Python)


CE 1103 

Digital Fundamentals


CE 1104

Fundamentals of Computer Studies


BE 1106






3,700,000 MMK (Course Fees may change without prior notice)